Yoga Tune Up® & Pilates


Yoga Tune Up® sessions with April are precious gems that teach you how you can make make progress!

Imagine what it would be like know precisely what to for your body to heal and get stronger inside and out.  Wouldn’t if feel really good to not have to fit your body to the instructions of the teacher or wonder if you should be doing what the instructor is telling you to do?  In a private Yoga Tune Up® session April will teach you specifically which yoga poses you should be doing and which ones to avoid.  We will embark upon a path of finding your ‘body blind spots’; areas of weakness, overuse, misuse, or abuse, and work to heal and regenerate your body from inside out. You will learn learn how to practice in a way to avoid injury and make steady, ongoing progress.   Bring your camera, audio recorder, or phone and record the sessions so that you can take home a very specific routine for regular practice; especially when you cannot make it to class.


April is a master at core fitness and you are in good hands!

It is absolutely possible to be able to move with more ease and agility without feeling twinges in your back, neck, or shoulders.  With personalized Pilates training you will learn how to gain the strength and coordination you need to heal and avoid muscle and joint injury.   These sessions are for people of all ages; 25-85!  You will feel longer, centered, and more graceful in your presence, and get stronger from the center on out; improving strength, power, and agility. Seniors will learn how to easily move from the floor up and back down again, without injury or the fear of falling; and if you’re an athlete your progress will excel in your sport with enhanced core strength, muscle balance, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness as well.

Pelvic Floor Conditioning

This training is for you if you’re dealing with uterine or bladder prolapse, pelvic pain, or urge or stress incontinence. Urge incontinence is when you have urge to urinate and it must happen right now or else! Stress incontinence is when the urge to urinate is brought on by physical factors such as jumping, running, or coughing. These sessions are a combination of yoga, breathing, core strengthening, and massage and is currently only for women.