Clinical Essential Oil Therapy

Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop therapy has more therapeutic benefits than can be described on this website! Raindrop Therapy incorporates 7 essential oils and 2 proprietary essential oil blends. The depth of touch is completely up to the client as the primary benefit experienced in this session comes from the high quality essential oils. While some experience immediate benefits after the session, primary benefits of Raindrop Therapy are experienced with regular weekly or biweekly sessions. Benefits include, detoxification, relaxation, hormonal balance, improved immunity, and faster exercise recovery, to name only a few!

Your Personalized Essential Oil Massage

Various individual essential oils and blends work to restore balance, and minimize the impact stress, toxic overload, inflammation, and autonomic nervous system imbalance. Restoring autonomic balance, can reduce the physiological impact of stress on the body. The essential oils used assist the body in its natural process of healing and renewal.

Essential Oil Body Scrub

Gentle exfoliation and skin polishing to reveal soft and luxurious skin! Choose an essential oil blend to relax or invigorate your mind and body, detoxify, balance, or enhance your body’s ability to heal itself.