You may choose one of the following ‘styles’ of bodywork or relax and allow your therapist to simply give you what you need the most. Likely a combination of therapies indicated on this page.

Range of Motion Therapy

table stretches

ROM therapy combines massage and manual stretches done on the table. The aim is for a gradual improvement of full body movement function. The specific stretches performed are tailored to your individual posture and condition. Gradual posture realignment and joint range of motion improvement occurs over a series of 6-9 sessions spaced no more than a week apart. The pressure is generally medium to deep tissue depending on the desire of the client.

Cupping Therapy
Cupping therapy combines the release of long held muscle tension and trigger point therapy using negative pressure.  Cupping releases rigid soft tissue and adhesions, detoxifies and drains excess fluids, and increases blood flow and circulation to stagnant areas of the body.  There is remarkable results from cupping therapy but please understand, depending upon your skin tone, texture, and overall condition and health of your fascia there may be some bruising that can last 2-5 days. The bruising is generally pain free and is usually a result of poor circulation to the area worked. Over time you bruise less while still getting remarkable results!

Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief

Experience deep relaxation; possibly for the first time in your life! Great for stress relief and for relieving symptoms of Arthritis and auto-immune conditions like Fibromyalgia. Light to medium pressure for a relaxing outcome.

Circulatory Massage

Relaxing swedish massage specifically for increasing circulation and fortifying the immune system. The pressure is medium to light.

Athletes Therapy

These sessions are specifically for easing stiffness in the hips, hamstrings, and back. This is excellent therapy for runners, cyclists, and sports enthusiasts of all types. Sport-specific stretches are done on the table with the possible addition of strength exercises to bring balance to the muscles and joints. The massage pressure is whatever is comfortable for you. Various ailments may also be addressed based upon necessity, such as Sciatica, Achilles tendon issues, and Plantar Fascitis.

Prenatal Massage


If you did not receive massage prior to pregnancy you might be apprehensive about receiving massage during pregnancy. Unless your doctor has instructed you differently, massage during pregnancy is an invaluable way to feel great during this magical time! The 3rd trimester can be the most physically uncomfortable time of your pregnancy and is the absolute best time to seek out a great massage regularly. The postural changes during the last trimester can leave your lower back, and hips feeling compressed and your breathing and digestion compromised. Massage will not only help you to feel better when awake, but help you to sleep better, breathe better, improve your mood, and balance your hormones.

30 Minute Massage Tune-up

Get straight to the point of what you need and nothing else! Your 30 minutes may include foot massage, stretching, and a focal point of vital release in whatever area needs the most attention. This session can also be received fully clothed. This is a great session for someone new to massage therapy.