3-day Cleanse

Introducing The Healing Therapies ‘3 days to renew’.

Start your journey toward total health and improved energy! As you meditate, reflect, and give your body this easy to do, gentle break, you will feel great and experience a sense of calm and peace in your life. Your HT 3 days to renew is a gentle way to begin to take charge of your health; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is designed to help transform your mindset when it comes to your health as well as to send the message to your body that you care. You will definitely feel like a new person and have more energy for yourself and for the people who matter most.

Why Transform Your Health and Fitness with 3 special days just for you?

By taking this first step to transform your health, you will create more peace and harmony in your life and align your energy so that you can feel congruent with who you are and what you want to be in life. You will feel grounded, confident, and ready to take on your next life challenge.

  • Join a team of like-minded achievers who are dedicated to giving their bodies a gentle refresh so they can approach their goals with a renewed health perspective.
  • Slow down for a few days, give your body a break, and feel better about yourself.
  • Lose weight and feel great – from where you’re starting today.
  • Generate the great health and non-stop energy you used to take for granted.
  • Create a positive mindset, empowering you to get fit and stay that way.

What exactly is the Healing Therapies ‘3 days to renew’?

Three days of simple “clean eating” that can be carried into your daily routine from day 4 onwards. In order to achieve total health a person must collectively address 4 key area of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Spiritual Every day you will reflect upon your energy and how you put yourself out into the universe and what effect it has on you and the people around you.
Mental Every day you will reflect upon how you communicate…not only with yourself, but with others. You will think deeply about your current belief system and mental programming and come up with new ways to preset your thoughts.
Emotional Every day you will reflect upon how you are feeling. You will meditate, release anger, sadness, and fear…and you will set new goals and create a new future for yourself.
Spiritual Every day you will reflect upon your energy and how you present yourself to the world and what effect it has on you and the people around you.
Physical Every day you move your body!

How does this plan work?…

We begin with 3 days of wellness building daily activities. These activities are specifically designed to help you begin to create new daily behaviors that will set you on a path to total health. Every day you will (1) Complete your daily activity, (2) Post your comments, and (3) Support others on the journey with you.

Start From Where You are Today

  • Begin your gentle stretching and exercise according to your fitness level right now. Take it easy on your body and focus your energy on renewing your perspective of what it means to be healthy.
  • Be conscious of building up your energy with every workout.
  • Train and progress at your own pace. Avoid injuries, Gently refreshing your mind and body in the goal.
  • Become the product of your own determination and steadfastness and feel amazing!
  • Anyone can do this!

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